You gotta do your best ‘cause nobody forgets the things that they regret. There’s no rewind and I should have kept that in mind. But on the bright side, I’d say I prefer sadness over spineless anyway.

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Park mood forever. #SãoLourenço #Curitiba (en Parque Sao Lourenço)


NEW MUSIC: Transit - The Only One

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pizza b0ss/handwriting!
i wish i could protect myself under my bed and never have to see the moon again. the stars are too hollow for me to rest my head.
do you love the ocean drowning you in apathy?

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so call me at midnight or call me anytime, i’m patiently waiting, the past 
is on my mind. i memorized the nuances of conversation held that night, i 
memorized every detail of your skin, we were spread so thin. 

could’ve seen you in the basement, could’ve seen you in the hall. but it 
doesn’t even matter, cuz it was nothing at all. 

i’ve been thinking what you said is true, our lives are reds and greens and 
shades of blue, our colored pasts reveal what is true, nothing that i said to 
you paints a pretty portrait of us two, we’re different shades of blue.

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